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Saturday Night maybe even Sunday morning and I have just got back from the crew after show get together still floating about six feet in the air and wondering if I am ever going to come down. Losing an hours sleep tonight as the clocks go forward and remembering that we still have to restore the theatre back to it's original condition tells me that I should really be in bed asleep.

But some how I can't. It's because I have just been a part of a really tremendous performance from a truly amazing bunch of young people it has been a real honour and pleasure to work with. I was really having a what is known as a "Gang Show Moment " when Daniel walked out with those cards and was genuinely surprised to be presented with it and I thank you all for signing it. It really means a lot. You have all really come a long way since you picked up that song book back in October. We have had tears, tantrums and tiaras but earlier tonight we had one of, if not THE best performances I have seen since joining Gang Show.

Despite all the harsh words we may have dealt out along the way your performance and the resulting positive (if not GLOWING) comments received from audience and crew afterwards is testament to all you've done to make this, in Chris King’s and many other members of the audience "the best show we have EVER put on". Micheala and I (plus Strongie and Jules) are not on stage - YOU ARE, and those comments are about you.

Thanks guys for a great time in this my first ever production/direction. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to working again with you all.

Phil Ross, Producer/Director 2012

Kind words from previous shows:

Just a quick note to thank everybody involved in the Gang Show over the week-end.

We really appreciate the efforts that go into putting on a production such as this, stretching back over 5 months or more.

We think that last night’s (Saturday’s) show was especially good as the children were all at ease in their roles and were able to give their best performances. Those moments will be remembered with affection for many years to come.

Well done to everybody involved.

Adrian and Alison Spary.

Thanks for a lovely show this weekend. I really enjoyed lots of scenes, especially circus, Oliver, Hartley ancl what can we say about the ballet. Unbelieveable!

Well done and thanks

Clair Calver

Congratulations team for putting on a brilliant Gang Show last night.

I oan‘t believe how well it all came together after seeing a great many rehearsalsI but when I think about it , children always rise to the occasion which they all certainly did. Both County and Division Commissioners thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Karen Green.

Well done! The Gang seemed to be having a good time tonight.

My personal highlights were the circus number (recognised a few costumesl), the floating bed, Through The Keyhole, the soloist in the final School Disco song, Curious Zebra and Not Now Jonathan.

Ewan Murray

UK Technical Advisor (Staged Performances) - The Scout Association

Producer - Harpenden & Wheathampstead District Gang Show

Leanne wrote

i thought the gang show was great and so did jess loved your Fagin character

I thought I would just say another huge congratulations to you for pulling together yet another brilliant Gang Show.

The transformation from Wednesday to the performance was magical. Everyone looked like they were having a great time on stage and this showed in the way they all performed.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involvedI I know it’s a big team effortI but what a show you put on.

Ivor and Rikki both certainly enjoyed the show, a fitting way for Ivor to celebrate his last Gang Show as our County Commissioner and also for Rikki to begin his term as our Leader for the next 5 years.

Absolutely brilliant!!

Yours in Scouting

Chris King

District Commissioner

Letchworth & Baldock District Scouts

Dee and I really enjoyed the show - very many thanks for the invitation. For a cast so young (at least, most of them are!  l) they do a marvellous job and

it was clearly appreciated by the audience. I hope they all get their entertainer badge and the relevant item ticked off for the creative challenge.

I am very well aware of the huge amount of work that goes in from a huge number of people to make such an event possible and would be grateful if you could pass my thanks to the man at the top, Dave.

Very best wishes,


Comment below sent to me on Facebook by my sister in law after Saturdays matinee. Well done guys!!

This can not be missed - believe me - I was so impressed -those who dont have a ticket you will miss one of the highlights of the year.

Tony Hartley

ARH Building & Maintenance Limited

Really enjoyed GS yesterday - bright, lively, colourful and entertaining. The sound was hugely better tooI could hear everything.

I have great admiration for the way you put a show together with such a large cast - I wouldn’t know where to start! A great job, well done!


Emma Wylie wrote:

“i thought the gangshow was really good, well done!!"

Just dropping you a line to say what a great show it was again this year. The children had all learnt their lines and spoke up well (or was the sound just betterl), the costumes and sets were fantastic as were the films, it was technically the best Friday night I have seen to date and all seemed to run smoothly and seemlessly.

I have had several comments from parents saying how tab it was. On Saturday there was one guy asking me in the interval if there were more traditional Gang Show songs to come as he remembers being in a Gang Show 34 years ago. I told him he would enjoy the finale and I expected to hear him joining in. He said I would be able to hear him. On the way out, he told me he couldn’t sing as he had choked up. Higher praise you couldn’t ask for!

Well done to all! Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned.

Dawn Wylie

Chris, my customer at work who is on the Letchworth Town Council and was one of the committee members who gave us the £1000 grant.. said today

‘it was a cracking Show'

I had the pleasure of seeing this year’s Gangshow on Saturday evening.

Congratulations on such a well produced and performed show. My particular favourites were Circus, Stomp, The Gang Show Band and Olivel'. The sound and lights were particularly effective and complimented the performances superbly.

All the team, on stage or behind it should feel very proud of themselves.

Please pass on my appreciation to your team.

I know from having a daughter in the cast that the young people really do commit themselves to the show and take great pride in their achievement.

Gavin Conder

ADC - Scouts

You're gonna reap just what you sow.

Whilst them Memories are still strong and the songs still neverendingly buzzing around my head..

Highlights of the wonderful final Show.. from the beginning:

After all the times I got Rise wrong. Somebody was worse than me. I got it right in the endI marked a pause at: ‘Feelings inside...’ and got it right for all the DR and Shows. Jay did not. He was hopeless. But he sounded superb, starting a bar early.. almost as if he was harmonising. The girls around him giggled so much.

Darcy reading her welcome and having to read out the names of 11 dignitaries.. and her microphone died on  only for me to tell her to

stop and I called for a new mio that Chris almost immediately brought on.. it felt so good to make such a right decision and for us to get an impromptu round of applause.

Superheroes. They got their mics right in the end. And Tanishia’s loud ‘freak!' will haunt me for months.

Circus. Realising that what had seemed a no-hope section in the end turned out to be great fun. So colourful, so big and brash. And ous-

tard pies, and clown oars, and balls dropping and hopeless hoops, planks of wood... getting it right not really mattering. Freya’s clown dance was wonderful, especially the sad tilt-faced end.

Poems. Three very little youngsters eventually understanding what the poems were about, getting the pauses right. I love this stuff. And

Katherine Rice starting hers with ‘When I was an alien..’ instead of ‘What does an alien...‘

Octopus’s garden. Having half the cast pointing at me when they sang  like to be in an octopus’s garden with you.’ And me pointing


Mastermind. The way the lights just moved around and settled on the contestants was the best piece of lighting I have ever seen in a GS.

And learning that Alex was feeling ill afterwards. He is so talented. Luke always said Miss Thatcher. I wonder why?

Conor and co jumping up and down.

Fabulous.. Realising how talented Beth is. Her facial expressions were so contrived. And realising Amy was actually acting and notjust

looking a misery. Very clever.

Nyika’s booming voice reading out Herts cent. And me changing into silly clothes underneath her.

Me and Phil singing ‘Bob’ to the screen projection and then  like to Teach’ at the tops of our voices.

Dancing the ‘I like itI I like it’ with Dave Upson.

And getting my speech right; and making up for not getting it right last year

And being made to realise that it was notjust another Show and that it really had been a really good one. Am humbled and pleased. Cheers guys.


I have had very positive feedback on the show from a number of people who bought tickets at the doonSome of the comments were:

I wish all children performed in a show like that, it was great

Fantastic entertainment good old fashioned songs

Oliver, just like the real thing

ooking fon/vard to next year, but it will be hard to beat

They must have rehearsed for a long time to put on such a show

lt wasn’t just one part that was good. It was the whole show.

And a comment from my parents, it was worth the travel (from Scotland). Just brilliant.

Thought you would like to share with everyone, and well done


Derek Smith

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